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Workers' compensation

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Your Hanover agent can provide you with a workers' compensation quote as part of total business insurance solution, including business owners insurance, commercial auto insurance and professional liability.

You count on your employees every day, and do everything you can to help make sure they are safe on the job. But accidents happen.

Workers' compensation insurance offers a safety net for work-related accidents or illnesses, helping to pay for medical care, rehabilitation and lost wages. If an employee has a fatal accident at work, workers' compensation insurance pays an insurance benefit to their family.

Businesses are required to carry workers' compensation insurance in almost every state, although requirements for coverage vary. We can help find the right workers' compensation coverage for your business.

Workers' compensation with more value

The Hanover's workers' compensation policy¹ offers broad benefits including payments for lost wages, coverage for employees traveling on business and payment for additional expenses to bring home an employee injured outside the U.S. Additional benefits of our workers' compensation insurance include:

  • The Hanover NT24 nurse triage program - Hanover customers who suffer an injury on the job can use this 24/7/365 telephonic nurse triage service for quick, actionable and expert advice to help determine the best course of action for their immediate care. Registered nurses will triage the injury and assess what level of care is needed (self-care, urgent care facility, or medical clinic), keeping the worker safe from unnecessary exposures while providing them with medical care recommendations.

  • Fast claims handling—Claims can be reported 24/7. Within 24 hours of your claim, we initiate contact with you, your employee and the doctor assigned to the case.
  • Stress-free care coordination—Experienced, caring nurse case managers put you and your employees at ease and coordinate care, treatments, physical, emotional and occupational therapies.
  • Risk Solutions services—Help reduce work hazards with accident prevention, safety audits and training programs.
  • Established medical and pharmacy networks—Our extensive network of high-quality health care providers, medical equipment suppliers and pharmacies ensures your employee is well cared for, and costs are kept under control.
  • Flexible payment options—With flexible down payments and billing options, we make it easy to manage workers' compensation expenses. We also offer Hanover EZPay as an innovative, pay-as-you-go solution.
  • One-stop shopping—As part of your total business insurance solution, your workers' compensation insurance can be bundled and billed with your other Hanover policies, saving you time and reducing administrative headaches.
¹ Not available in HI. Additional state availability and underwriting guidelines may apply.

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